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Death Constant Beyond Love Essay Outline

Death Constant Beyond Love Summary

In an election campaign that Senator Onesimo Sanchez undertakes every four years, he stops in the poor village of Rosal del Virrey. Sanchez knows he has but six months and 11 days to live. Nelson Farina, an escapee from Devil's Island penitentiary who has lived in the village for many years, has repeatedly asked the senator for a false identity card so he cannot be extradited to face punishment. As the senator strolls down the street, dispensing favors and largesse such as a donkey to one poor peasant, he sees Farina resting in his hammock. When the senator asks how he is, Farina replies in French that he should know. Later that day, while making another speech the senator tears off a piece of a calendar, folds it into a butterfly. He releases the paper butterfly, which commences...

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Death Constant Beyond Love

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It is inevitable that we will all die it is a fact that everyone must come to terms with. There comes a time in everyone’s life that they must face death; a friend’s tragic accident, a family member’s passing or their own battles with diseases. When faced with the idea of death people will act in different ways some may find it therapeutic to apologize for the negative they have done, some may want to spend time with loved ones to ease the future pain, and others may decide that their life was not what they believed. The story Death Constant Beyond Love tells us about a man named Senator Sanchez who is living a happy life with his wife and five kids. That is until he is told by doctors that he only has a short time to live. Death is…show more content…

As he continues his duties as senator “he felt in full control of his will when he appeared in public again at three in the afternoon, rested and clean, wearing a pair of course linen slacks and a floral shirt, and with his soul sustained by the anti-pain pills”(1092 Marquez). He appeared to be more concerned with being a part of social activities, his job, then spending time with his wife and children. There could be many reasons for this avoidance of family; his wife may be in hysterics, she may spend her time tending to the children, or he may not want to face leaving them behind. It could also be based upon his demanding job as a Senator, in hopes to keep things as normal as possible he remains in the public eye. He walks among the village during a campaign visit; he gives gifts to those around him to show his goodness. He may also be giving gifts could be as Prince-Paul states the “powerful desire to help others [or] to be in another’s presence” (369). He is surrounded by people at all times; guards at his door, people who will do whatever he asks, town folk who adore him, a wife and five children, yet he still feels alone. Understanding the Meaning of Social Well-Being at the End of Life states that “the need to belong, to have close personal connections and

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