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Free Public Wifi Essay

  • Wifi is a necessity

    In our generation wifi is a necessity and its required to have a social life. I'm not surprised that parents don't want that but if they want us to be social we need wifi. If the city split the cost equally in our taxes it would be much cheaper for the people who can't afford their own, but they all still have equal opportunity to get an education and do their job!

  • We should have free public wifi

    What if you wanna call your mom and tell her that your bringing potatoes from kroger. But you remember that you don't have phone service so you wanna text her. Then you remember that your city does not offer free public wifi. So you can't do that so you end up getting slapped because you brought the potatoes with out telling your mom. But i defend those poor people who are getting slapped because they brought potatoes home without letting there mom know. So WE NEED FREE PUBLIC WIFI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes Free Wi-fi

    What if you are in the desert and you were bitten 4 times by a rattle snake and you were by a town with wifi and you do not have time to crawl or else you will die. You could post a pic on instagram with your location and someone could come to your rescue! So join us and say yes to free Wi-fi!!

  • No people are GAY!

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  • Yasssss! Wi-Fi is a necessity

    You might need to text someone because you tripped over something like a tortoise and you broke your ankle. This is the 21st century, people rely on the wonderful thing called Wi-Fi to can contact people. Safety first! Most kids don't have phones so they need to contact their parents using Wi-Fi.

  • City's should have wifi.!

    Yes I believe city's should have free public wifi because what if you kids or you or in a waiting room bores out of you mind,Well you can use the city's wifi on your phone or tablet. What about when you just have a phone for wifi.? There are more ways city's need wifi but this is just a few.

  • Best idea ever.

    Many people can't afford to have Internet or wifi in their homes which is unfortunate. So, a simple solution would be to have free wifi throughout cities. Using technology is inevitable in today's world, so everyone should be able to use it or no one should be able to use it.

  • The Productivity of the City

    People could work virtually anywhere and then the productivity rates will go up. ALso, it will increase tourism in that area because no one wants to get stopped at the airport for having a wifi tower in their suitcase. Therefore, tourists would have no way to connect. This way, tourists will want wifi and will be attracted to the city.

  • Yes we need public Wifi

    Why do we need public wifi? We need free wifi because many people many have homework and they don't have wifi in their homes.Well they have a place were they can work on their homework.If many children have homeschool and their parents can teach what they know so if they go to a place that has free wifi and take their computer or table and they have a head star on what they want

  • We should get free wifi in chicago

    Many people need free wifi in chicago because many people can use it to do some improntant work and studied for test and even can wach videos of a project they have to do they could seach up how they want their project to look like that is my reason why we should get free wifi.

  • The buzz in the world of WiFi at the moment is this: A large number of cities across the globe are already offering free Internet connections through free city WiFi technology. Even more are expected to soon follow suit.

    The picture that comes to mind is that people will be roaming around with mobile devices that connect to the Internet through free city WiFi and, of course, unlimited browsing – everywhere.

    WiFi Offering On-the-Go Internet

    While traveling, almost everyone has the urge and necessity to check mails and share documents with others. Gone are the days when you could do this only while sitting at the desktop computer in your home.

    This is an age of mobile devices and people usually have many of these with them, such as the laptops, smartphones and others. Almost all of these are WiFi friendly. So, all they need to do is connect to an Internet service provider through the WiFi.

    With cities offering these services, Internet can now be available anywhere you wish. So, on-road WiFi is also becoming a reality with every passing day.

    Not everybody in a city can afford the Internet. Hence, there are many kids and adults who are not able to access it. However, with every passing day, steps are being undertaken to help make the Internet affordable for all.

    A large number of municipalities in different cities offer free WiFi for the inhabitants there.

    Something for Nothing – Is It Possible?

    Do you really believe that there’s something for free? There’s no such thing as a free lunch or even a free WiFi.

    The government will have to spend a lot to set up infrastructures across entire cities. It is expected that the sum may add up to millions, if not billions.

    How Does City WiFi Work?

    WiFi is offered through unlicensed broadcast spectrum or even sometimes through airwaves. A series of antennas need to be installed, which ensure that you will have access to high-speed Internet. These antennas are usually put on top of telephone poles and similar other places. The location of the antennas need to be selected prudently. Depending on the position where it has been installed, an antenna can offer Internet across a coverage area of about 1,000 feet in radius.

    Setting up City WiFi is Costly

    According to Doug Schremp:

    “Setting up a citywide network is definitely not as easy as putting up access points all over the place. There are some technical issues that need to be addressed, and cities really need to look at the operational and business issues that come with building and owning their own network.”

    So, it clearly indicates that the government has to spend a lot of money to ensure that all the inhabitants of the city are able to access free Internet anywhere they wish inside the boundaries of the city.

    Increase in Taxes

    You can’t expect the government to spend all that money without any expectation of getting something in return. There will surely be a steep rise in different types of taxes. So in the end, it really won’t be free.

    Lack of Security is a Concern

    One of the major disadvantages of public WiFi lies in its inability to offer proper security to the users. The people who are in charge of offering free WiFi to the inhabitants of a city are able to see each and every website that you surf or each and every click that you make on the Internet.

    So, the privacy of the users is usually not there with free WiFi offered by the municipalities of different cities.

    With every passing day, different governments are trying hard to provide citizens with free WiFi, which has nearly become a basic necessity these days. And the advantages offered by these services seem to outweigh the cons.

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