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Ignou Bsc Physics Solved Assignments 2012

MTE-13 Discrete Mathematics


Block-1  Elementary Logic

Unit-1  Propositional Calculus  
Unit-2  Methods of Proof
Unit-3  Boolean Algebra and Circuits 

Block-2  Basic Combinatorics

Unit-4  Combinatorics – An Introduction 
Unit-5  Partitions and Distributions 
Unit-6  More About Counting  

Block-3  Recurrences

Unit-7  Recurrence Relations   
Unit-8  Generating Functions   
Unit-9  Solving Recurrences 

Block-4  Graph Theory

Unit-10  Basic Properties of Graphs    
Unit-11  Special Graphs    
Unit-12  Eulerian and Hamiltonian Graphs  
Unit-13  Graph Colourings and Planar Graphs   


Chapter-1 Propositional Calculus 
Solved Practical Problems

Chapter-2 Methods of Proof 
Solved Practical Problems

Chapter-3 Boolean Algebra and Circuits 
Solved Practical Problems

Chapter-4 Combinatorics – An Introduction 
Solved Practical Problems

Chapter-5 Partitions and Distributions 
Solved Practical Problems

Chapter-6 More About Counting 
Solved Practical Problems

Chapter-7 Recurrence Relations 
Solved Practical Problems

Chapter-8 Generating Functions 
Solved Practical Problems

Chapter-9 Solving Recurrences 
Solved Practical Problems

Chapter-10 Basic Properties of Graphs 
Solved Practical Problems

Chapter-11 Special Graphs 
Solved Practical Problems

Chapter-12 Eulerian and Hamiltonian Graphs 
Solved Practical Problems

Chapter-13 Graph Colourings and Planar Graphs 
Solved Practical Problems

Question Papers

December: 2012 (Solved)
June: 2013 (Solved)
December: 2013 (Solved)
June: 2014 (Solved)
December: 2014 (Solved)


Block- 1 Revising Particle Kinematics and Dynamics
Unit-1 Motion: An Introduction
Unit-2 Motion in a Straight line
Unit-3 Motion in a Plane
Unit-4 Newton’s Laws of Motion and Force
Unit-5 Applying Newton’s Laws
Unit-6 Linear Momentum and Impulse
Block- 2 Work, Energy and Angular Motion
Unit-7 Work and Kinetic Energy
Unit-8 Conservation of Energy and Potential Energy
Unit-9 Angular Motion of a Particle
Unit-10 Torque and Angular Momentum
Block- 3 Systems of Many Particles
Unit-11 Motion under Central Forces
Unit-12 Dynamics of Many-particle Systems
Unit-13 Conservation Laws for Many-particle Systems
Unit-14 Rigid Body Dynamics
Unit-15 Motion in Non-inertial Frames of Reference
1. Solution Paper - Dec 2012
2. Solution Paper - June 2013

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