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Dance Class Reflection Essay Template

Dance 5 was such an amazing experience for me.   I came to this class expecting to stand with a group of students and watch the instructor dance while we try memorizing the moves. But it was the total opposite! This class was so different in so many ways. I learned that I am actually flexible and capable of doing moves that I never thought I would ever be able to. For example, have someone balance on my lower back which was amazing.   I love that you had us partnered up sometimes because that helped us become more social and get to know our partners abilities. To be honest in the beginning of class I was so nervous because some people looked like they were such experts in this class. I was so worried that I would not be able to do any of the moves and that people would laugh at me. To be able to dance in front of people for me means not being shy and not caring what others would think of me which I always did. Before registering for this class I would always be cautious of what people might say or think of me in social gatherings, but now I built up confidence and learned that every person is capable of anything and there are no restrictions in dancing. I enjoyed how you would cooperate with us and actually partner up with the students, that made me feel so much more comfortable knowing that you were doing the moves with us. My favorite move was using up space. I am usually very dramatic while I explain things to people and so I feel like that move describes who I am.   I feel that the remedy to becoming a good dancer is to keep on dancing just like you say “just keep on moving when in doubt.” When I dance I feel like I develop stamina and   my body gets used to the sudden movements and I just automatically become comfortable with it. In this class we got a sneak peak from a variety of dance genres. I like that you were enthusiastic about learning any dances that we wanted to learn, for example, the Waltz dance. Overall, I am so happy that I signed up for this class....

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did not start dancing again until my senior year. Looking back, I’m having a hard timebelieving that the aesthetic of dancing was not important to me, but it’s hard to sort thisall out. I value my search for the newness but now hope to pay attention to the aesthetic aswell. When one commits to a certain field, he is committing to a certain aesthetic of regulartasks. If I enjoyed the day-to-day work of dance, why didn’t I commit to it?What’s even more striking, though, is that in my Plan Proposal Essay, I did not oncemention the positive aesthetic of doing math. Why not? Why would anyone do somethingthey don’t enjoy? And more importantly, why didn’t anyone call me on it?

3 How Did I Actually Decide on Math?

To be fair, my advisor Allen Shawn and I talked at length on my potential areas of con-centration. I had refused to commit myself to anything in advance of those conversations.“It’s still too early,” I thought. “Let me keep exploring.” Allen, the good advisor he was,knew that I needed a concentration for the Plan Proposal and pressed me for my thoughts.“Math, music, and dance” I threw out there.Allen explained that he saw dance as something I did in college, and that maybe I’d sharestories about it with my friends and family when I got older. But not a serious concentration.Perhaps all that he observed (and perhaps all that was there) was my attraction to thenewness. After all, at that time, I said the same things about dance as I did about musiccomposition and later my sculpture and acting courses.


I trusted Allen’s judgment; he’samazingly perceptive. “Great,” I decided, “that narrows this down.” And there went dance.Math or music? Allen was my first music composition teacher and he said I could besuccessful in either discipline. I trusted him on the music part, even though it was new


Actually, I was aware of the aesthetics of activities even then, though not to the same extent. I distinctlyremember enjoying my acting course but then deciding—swearing, really—that I’d never take another actingcourse ever again.


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